Valley Ride Direct (VRD) Booking Information

All of our rides are scheduled and booked in advance.

We often sell-out 10 days in advance of today’s date.

Our rides are based on up to two passengers.

The stated fares below are for budgetary purposes, but to get an exact price please complete the get-a-quote form.

Pick-up City Destination Airport Typical Fare

Oshkosh to/from Milwaukee $235.00
Oshkosh to/from Green Bay $140.00
Oshkosh to/from Appleton $68.00

Appleton to/from Milwaukee $249.00

FondDuLac to/from Milwaukee $219.00
FondDuLac to/from Appleton $109.00

Airport Shuttles - require the following information: All Passengers names, Airline, Flight No., Date and Time, Home Address, & Cell Phone Contact.

Scheduling is first booked - first reserved. VRD can sell-out, so please schedule early.

VRD bookings are completed with pre-payment. Some fares are non-refundable, and cancellation charges can apply. This is similar to the ticketing policies of all major airlines.

Shuttle passengers or booking agents will receive an email confirmation stating: Ride (date/time) CONFIRMED. - Your ride is not scheduled until booking is Confirmed.

Valley Ride Direct can refuse service for suspicious or misleading information provided during the ride booking process.

Valley Ride Direct can refuse service to anyone that act or appears to be under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol. This is similar to the policies of all major airlines.

Prices are subject to change and are not guaranteed until booking is scheduled and confirmed. 

 Additional Fares Fees

Schedules requiring transportation during or through urban commuter traffic or high-traffic special events, will be subject to additional fare fees.

Per Person: We allow two full size (not to exceed 50 lbs. each) suitcases and one carry-on per person.

Bulk Items: Golf Clubs, Skis, Snowboards, Guitars and similar items are $10/item extra. Bicycles are $25/item and MUST be in a bicycle box.

Addition fares for over 2 client passengers - $10 per person

Additional charges apply - when asked to make any in-route stops.

Down or wait time charges apply to day trips – Sporting and special events.

Seasonal And Special Event Rates Can Apply